About the Therapy

         Do you have pain or discomfort in your body? Do you often feel stressed, tired or worried?

Full Circle Movement Therapy is a fusion of massage, yoga, fitness, exercise and bodywork methods. The sessions draw upon a range of techniques, including remedial, shiatsu, traditional thai, thai yoga massage, swedish, sport, myofascial release, cranio-sacral, deep relaxation and trigger point massage therapy. The method is also influenced by yoga, zenthai shiatsu, intuitive movement, breath-work, meditation, mindfulness and self enquiry practices.

You can expect each session to flow in a way that addresses physical conditions of concern, whilst being deeply relaxing, therapeutic and tailored to meet the receiver’s needs. Together, these techniques encourage a return to the body’s natural equilibrium, leaving you feeling energised, centred and strong.

The sessions are delivered with professionalism and practical applications while creativity, flow, safety, intuition, play, presence and skill are equally important. Full Circle’s signature therapy is a floor based fully clothed massage on a comfortable mat.

Movement and yoga sessions are also offered. Health fund rebate available. Full Circle is also specialising in offering services to people with disabilities which can be covered by NDIS. Operating mainly in the Wollongong region in the Illawarra.

Practice areas:

Specialising in massage & exercise therapy for people with disability, Complete Relaxation, Pain & Injury Recovery, Ease Stress & Anxiety, Encourage Mental & Physical Strength, Health Empowerment, Trauma & Emotional Distress Sensitive, Conversational Self Enquiry.

Effective for:

Pain/discomfort. Neck, shoulder and back pain. Migraine. Headache. Muscle tension. Joint mobilisation. Sciatica. Sport injury. Inflammation. Digestive complaints. Stress. Anxiety. Depression. Chronic fatigue. Emotional distress. Insomnia. Low energy,

Treatment plans:

Essentials 1h - $90

Complete 1.5h - $110

Ultimate 2h - $145

3 X 1.5h sessions for $240 - first time bookings

Full Circle also specialises in massage/movement/fitness/yoga for people with disabilities. The cost of this specialised service is $110/ hour plus travel fee may apply.

Clinic appointments in Woonona.

Gift vouchers and health fund rebates available.

Available for retreats, events and corporate groups.

As a massage therapist for the past 35 years I am beyond fussy about where I go for my own massage. I have chosen Nandi for the past 2 years for his level of skill, attention to detail and capacity to tune in. My monthly trip from Bondi to his practice in Woonona is well worth the journey

Cate Peterson

Your Therapist

Nandi Hollo

Nandi Hollo has over a decade of study and professional practice in massage, human movement and body-mind therapies. He is also an experienced yoga teacher, disability support worker and healthy living enthusiast. This wide skillset enables Nandi to offer massage to people with a diverse range of abilities and health conditions. His skills as a massage therapist and yoga teacher have been included in trainings, events and retreats.


Please contact me to make an appointment, or with any additional arrangements regarding postage of gift certificates.


Woonona, Nsw, 2517